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Q Where are you located?

A We are located in Peoria, Illinois

Q What are your prices?

A You can find our pricing under Book Online.


Q Do you travel?

A Yes, travel fees apply for over 25 miles from Peoria, IL.

Q Do you have Fortnite?

A Yes! We have Wi-Fi


Q Do you have heat/AC?

A Yes, we are climate controlled


Q Do I get to choose the games?

A Yes, after the deposit is paid we send you our game list


Q When is the final balance due?

A The invoice has to be paid in full the day before your party


Q What time do you show up to set up?

A We arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time


Q Do you do events?

A Yes, just select "event" when booking online. 

Q Are you a franchise?

A Not yet! Contact us if you are interested

Q How many people can fit in the trailer?

A 20 for a party but more can sit in the trailer during events

Q What gaming consoles do you have?

A Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X

Q Do you have the Xbox Adaptive Controller?

A Yes! We currently have one with a joy stick and 2 buttons.

Q What happens if the generator breaks?

A We always have a 2nd generator with us and if possible we will stay later to make up any lost time.

Q What is your reschedule/cancellation policy?

A  If the customer needs to reschedule, without losing the deposit, it must be done 15 days before the party.

Cancellations must be given 21 days before the party.

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